3 Reasons To Choose Local Delivery Of Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Commercial food preparation or any type is a very demanding part of the economy. The reputation of the restaurant, pub, shop, caterer, or any other venue is only as good as the last meal served. Poor quality produce can easily ruin the reputation of any business, which is why quality wholesale fruits and vegetables are so essential to ongoing growth and success.

While door-to-door wholesale food delivery services can be found in the Gold Coast area, not all offer the same quality of produce. Selecting a supplier based on a commitment to customers to only deliver the best ingredients is a sign of a terrific and profitable long-term relationship.
Making the choice to work with one company for wholesale delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables is a wise decision for many different reasons. Here are three that are commonly heard in top establishments along the Gold Coast.

Exceptionally Fresh Produce

The top companies offering wholesale delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables in Gold Coast work directly with local producers in Australia. The produce does not make the trip from farm to market to your restaurant with long stops in warehouses in between. Instead, it is farm to end-user, which ensures quality freshness of everything delivered.

Safety Factors

Produce delivery services should be 100% HACCP Certified. This means the company has completed training in internationally recognized standards for safe food handling.

This is equally important for your restaurant, café, pub, or catering service. Limiting any risk of contamination of ingredients is critical.

Exceptional Selection

The best delivery services provide seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables as well as exotic varieties. This allows your chef to create traditional Australian dishes or to add new and exciting items to the menu.

FMD Produce is the leading provider of quality fresh fruits and vegetables in the Gold Coast area. To learn more about our wholesale delivery service, see us online.

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