3 Giant Sights to Read About on Flights to South Africa

Flights to South Africa will take several hours to complete, depending on which airport we fly from. However, we can make the most of the time by deciding which attractions to visit when we arrive.

We can learn many facts about South Africa without leaving terra firma. However, what better time is there for us to learn about some of its unusual (and large) sights than while we are on flights to South Africa.

The Big Pineapple

This pineapple (not a real one) measures almost 17 metres in height and is in Bathurst, a town in the Eastern Cape. We can head to the top and look out from the observation deck. Meanwhile, we can learn all about pineapple production in the area in the museum that is housed inside.

The Giant Post Box

This is not quite as large as the pineapple, but it still measures over six metres in height. Painted red with a blue top and other details, the post box was once a water tank. It is possible for us to post our postcards here, and if we do so, a floral marker will be stamped on them to confirm where they were posted.

Africa’s Biggest Chair

There are many places in the world boasting big chairs, and not all of them involve flights to South Africa to see them. The red chair at Rooiberg Winery is in this part of the world, however. The winery offers wine tasting and a chance to climb up onto the chair, so we can have our photo taken on it. The red chair has a red ladder leading up to it from behind.

Not everything in South Africa is larger than life. However, it would be a shame if we missed the chance to see these highlights.

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