Electrical Safety Inspection Certificate: Why It’s Necessary

Homeowners often call you, the neighbourhood electrician, when they have any issues relating to electricity or electrical equipment. As a professional who is licensed or registered, it is your job to determine what is wrong with the equipment, what can be done, or ensure that the new appliance is installed correctly. After you do that, you also have to provide the homeowner with an electrical safety inspection certificate, which states that you have done the work, it is correct, and that everything is safe.

While homeowners may not know the rules and regulations, you know that you must provide the certificate. In most cases, you must lodge it with the appropriate agency, file it at your place of business, and give them a copy, usually by mail.

An electrical safety inspection certificate must be provided after each job. Even if you were installing something new, it is up to you to ensure that it was checked to ensure that it was safe to use. It is not the homeowner’s job to make sure you provide them with the necessary documentation or to check to ensure that you lodged it promptly. However, if you do not provide them a certificate and something goes wrong, they are going to be honest and say you performed the work, which is why it’s essential that you have this documentation saved.

At QuickSafety, they know how essential it is to have the right certificates and have them readily available to fill out and lodge. Your career is on the line because if something goes wrong and you don’t have an electrical safety inspection certificate lodged and filed, you could be held liable. In fact, it is a criminal offence not to provide one to the homeowner and save a copy for your records. Their new app makes lodging and filing these certificates easy and convenient, reducing your workload and compliance risk and keeping your mind at ease.

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