Advantages Of Spill Containment Pallets

Spillages can happen at any time or anywhere. While they are more prone to happen where a lot of people work and a lot of chemicals or liquids are stored, spills can occur while walking back to your work area, taking them back to their storage location, and any time in between. Spill containment pallets are essential if you have drums or IBCs containing much liquid. The pallet is usually yellow and sits directly on the floor. However, it raises the drum higher while leaving space around the drum to catch spillage. Along with such, the top of the pallet is made with an absorbent material, allowing the liquid to pool in the bottom until it can be cleaned up and possibly salvaged.

Spill containment pallets are usually made of polyethylene, which makes them suitable for holding acids, corrosives, or almost any chemical. The bottoms also come with drain plugs so that you can easily drain the liquid that was spilled. IBC pallets come in Polymer and galvanised steel. Along with the pallet itself, you can also find a variety of accessories to go along, such as support shelves, protective covers, and more. Sizing is variable, allowing for multiple drums or single-drum options, as well as low-rise or a pallet that sits up higher from the ground.

At EcoSpill, their primary objective is to protect the environment and your employees. They offer a variety of products that are designed with you and the environment in mind. For example, their spill kits clean up the mess quickly and safely while floor bunding creates a containment area. They also have spill containment pallets that raise the drums or IBCs slightly, ensuring that if any liquid spills, it is contained in the bottom of the pallet and doesn’t go all over the floor.

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