Spill Response Training: Quicker and Safer

Everyone knows that when something spills, it needs to get cleaned up quickly. However, when you’re dealing with chemicals, corrosives, and flammables, cleaning up spills can be a lot harder.

It’s essential that you know what spilled, how much of it has spilled, and get the right tools available to clean it up. Spill response training is one of the best things you can do for your employees. They not only learn how to use the spill kits, but they also learn how to use them safely and quickly.

Spill response training can and should be done onsite because it helps your employees feel more comfortable. They get to learn where the kits are located, how to open them and what to do with each component – all on their own property. If, for some reason, you cannot have the training onsite, it should be done in a facility with trained professionals who know what they’re doing.

During the session, you may also want to explain everyone’s responsibilities during the spillage. Everyone onsite won’t be helping to clean up the mess. They may help evacuate others, contain the area or section it off, and more. Make sure everyone knows how to handle each step of the process so that the clean-up period runs smoothly.

At EcoSpill, they’ve got a variety of spill response training options, including the fundamentals and in-depth training. They also offer other options, such as an introduction to ammonia anhydrous and dangerous goods. You can also find a short course on managing spills in the workplace. Their primary goal is to minimise how a spill impacts your team, property, and the environment. These courses are perfect for anyone who stores, transports, uses, or manages oils, chemicals, and other dangerous goods. Prices may vary depending on how many people you have.

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